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Resource Information

Insurance Carrier Contact List - click here to find the insurance carrier customer service phone number to help you with benefit, verify coverage and provider network questions.


Frequently Asked Questions - click here to review the most frequently asked questions to assist you in your insurance purchase.


Shop, Compare, Enroll Navigation Tutorial - click here to get answers on how to quickly and easily navigate the private exchange platform.



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     Getting Started

Purchasing insurance on this exchange can be done in a few simple steps:

1.  Select desired Insurance Types and complete the quote request form.

2.  Add spouse, child and other dependent information.

3.  Review product(s) plans, rates and details and make your selections.

4.  Accept Terms & Conditions and enroll.


Note:  For Subsidy plans, you will need to complete an eligibility check before you can complete step 4.


You will also be asked what portion of your APTC (subsidy) you want to apply towards your premium.  You may select 0 or up to the full amount.  Unused portions may be claimed as a tax credit.  


Click here to download Tip Sheet